Every year there are mass amounts of individuals who immigrate to the United States, some seeking an opportunity at a better life for themselves or for their families, and other times they are fleeing from danger in their home country. For many, the U.S. immigration law is complicated and difficult to understand, further complicating the petition process for a visa. Our law firm provides an array of services for those seeking to live in the United States, gain U.S. citizenship, fight a deportation order, or expand their business into the United States.

We are dedicated to serving individuals as well as domestic and foreign businesses with all of their immigration or citizenship needs. Our mission is to provide you with individual attention and professional service at every step of the immigration process.

The U.S. Immigration process can be extremely intimidation to those who attempt to navigate it alone. The system can be less intimidating and easier to navigate when you have a dedicated professional to guide you through the process. You also don’t have to worry about technicalities keeping your case on hold – our attorneys ensure that every petition is diligently prepared and thoroughly analyzed for completion before filing.

We are a bilingual office, fluent in both Spanish and English, with personal and professional experience in handling all types of immigration and citizenship cases. We provide experience in the following immigration and citizenship services for individuals:

  • Work Visas,
  • Student Visas,
  • Family Petitions,
  • Self Petitions,
  • Waivers,
  • Green Card,
  • Marriage and Fiancé Visas,
  • Asylum,
  • Special Immigration Juvenile Cases,
  • Visas for crime victims and their qualifying relatives
  • Removal of Conditions on Legal Permanent Resident Status
  • Deportation Defense or Cancellation of Deportation,
  • ICE Holds, and
  • Acquiring Citizenship.

For businesses, we pride ourselves in providing strategic, personalized guidance customized to achieve your specific goals in

  • Establishing a U.S. Affiliate or Subsidiary,
  • Investor Visas,
  • Transferring Employees to the U.S., or
  • Sponsoring an Employee for Residency.

As immigration attorneys, we are well versed in the immigration process. We know all too well the obstacles and challenges that pop up along the way – and how to counter them. We work tirelessly to ensure our clients achieve their immigration objectives.