First responders such as police officers, correctional officers, and other law enforcement personnel; fire fighters, EMS, and EMTs face a lot of hardship and many times with little recognition. These people are the ones who allow us to go to sleep peacefully every night and go through each day without much of a care in the world. Their line of work and job requirements is unique and can cause turmoil in their everyday lives. Long hours, working lunches, mandatory overtime, and sometimes working days on end without a day off can create stressors in their personal life. The line of work also puts the them in countless dangerous positions every day while exposing them to a number of traumatizing events. Because of the job, first responders are at a higher risk than the average person to experience challenges in their marriage, often times ending in divorce.

We understand that you may be concerned that your job (primarily your work schedule) will be perceived poorly in the eyes of the courts and used against you during the divorce proceedings. We work diligently, with you, your partner’s attorney, and the court to highlight your love and care for your children and present ways to work around your schedule so that your time with your children is not restricted.